www.barcelonafotoantic.com is the personal and solidarity project of Mercedes & Mónica Miquel Abella, to make known their father’s photo collection.

 Through the snapshots of Joan Miquel-Quintilla, remain forever    the feelings and lives of the people at that time and they are a graphic manifesto of an era. These pictures are a look back at our past, a further testimony of what were the years from Spanish Civil War till the advent of Democracy.

Our father, as scientist, was engaged in medical research  to rise the quality of life of the people, following this line of thought the project was born. The purpose of www.barcelonafotoantic.com is to provide funding for helping biomedical research projects, that we are hoping to achieve thanks to the solidarity of whose  interested in these pictures.

 We decided to devote this solidarity project to the Obra Social De Sant Joan de Deu, https://solidaritat.santjoandedeu.org/es  because they perform an excellent work in biomedical research, International cooperation and  its social welfare, spread around Spain, improve the quality of life  of the people assited in their healthcare centres: Hospitalized childhood or in social risk, homeless people, mental patients or intellectually disabled, people in a dependency situation...

This solidarity project www.barcelonafotoantic.com  ask for a donation of 60€ (SIXTY EUROS) per each photo (or archieve format at will) that will go directly to Sant Joan de Deu through a bank transfer or payement over the counter to the Obra Social De Sant Joan de Deu https://solidaritat.santjoandedeu.org/es    IBAN ES91 2100 3887 0002 0000 5508

Under the transference “concept” must appear the benefactor’s name including the word  “ BARCELONAFOTOANTIC. The donation certificate can be requested via e-mail to ObraSocial@solidaridadsjd.org with the copy of the receipt and the tax data attached.

www.barcelonafotoantic.com is a entirely self-financing Project and brougth forward by Mercedes & Mónica Miquel Abella without any form of grants or sponsors neither for the snapshots digitalisation or the creation and maintenance of the web page.

www.barcelonafotoantic.com is NOT  an on-line sales platform for old photographs  because, on our part, we send the requested archives/photos for free at no charge  as a solidarity project the contribution is only requested for  https://solidaritat.santjoandedeu.org/es